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Today I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend & fellow #GirlBoss, Rebekah Bullard! Rebekah and I met last year and I’ve been encouraged by this warrior’s determination, passion, love for life, and “Me Too” stories! Check out Rebekah’s #GirlBoss Story below & don’t miss a special #GirlBoss offer from Rebekah at the end of the post! 

1. Tell me a little about Rebekah—what are a few of your favorite things?

I grew up as a quirky, curly-haired Texas girl who spent most of my time searching for something I was good at – besides talking – and learning new ways to keep my huge curly hair somewhat tamed down in the Texas heat. Today, talking is STILL one of my all time favorite things to do – right alongside enjoying good cup of coffee and a getting a good blowout. I have been married to my husband, Chris, for 11 years. We followed his music dreams about 700 miles East to Nashville a little over 4 years ago. I absolutely love Nashville. It is my favorite city. I love the diverse community of dreamers, the food scene, the history and the entrepreneurial spirit of this town. My crowning jewel is my 8-year-old daughter daughter, Gracie Ann. She has big blue eyes, which only pale in comparison to her huge personality. I also love a good story and writing to help put a face and voice to authenticity by sharing real stories of love, imperfections. I fully believe that everyone needs someone to say, “Me too.”

2. What inspired you to launch your own business?

I have always been a full-time working mama. I served in high capacity leadership roles in ministry for nearly a decade. I loved having a career, purpose and platform in this arena. As of late, I am finding that oftentimes as seasons change, so do your dreams. This year, when Gracie turned 8, I realized that she was half way to getting her car keys. It become more apparent than ever that this specific window of influence that I have in her life will more quickly than I could have every imagined. My heart grew to long to be more involved in the everyday moments with her. I was missing so much and I never felt like I could be fully present in anything I was doing. I knew I needed to give something up for the thing I loved the most, and that was my family.

As much as it pained me to step away from full-time leadership, I knew that God would bring something that would compliment my new season and still allow me to use my giftings to help others. I knew if I stepped up to the door, in faith, that He would open it to something great.


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During the transition, I began to use essential oils as a way to support my emotions and immune system during a time of uncertainty and change. I was completely BLOWN AWAY at how much these tools helped me to find balance and equipped me to better care for myself and my family. I felt like a new person. So, as with anything I love, I shared my stories of success and love of the products with everyone I knew – just as I would also share with you where I got my favorite pair of leopard print fall boots!

Through sharing, I built a business. I realized that people in my circle were looking for solutions to so many of their everyday needs, just like I was. I saw that people wanted to have options with what they used to create safe and inviting environments for the people they love the most. I called everyone I knew and told them about my new journey. I started giving away bottles of my personal oils right out of my purse to my friends. I purchased things to mail to people praying that they would also find the same freedom that I did in using the tools. It was incredible to me to watch it all unfold.

I had NO idea that when I stepped out of the security, validation and title of my more conventional career, that I would be stepping into life as a work at home mama/business owner/#GirlBoss. Everyday, I get to lead a beautiful community of over 200+ members. We elevate each other to breakthrough our ceilings and cheer each other on as we fulfill our uniques purposes. I also get to pick my daughter up everyday from school and be the very first one to hear about her day. I get to be present. It is like a dream to watch my two worlds collide. I honestly never, ever feel like I am “selling” anything because I believe that I am sharing freedom while showing people that they are way more capable to design their life than they could ever imagine!

3. What is your mission—the “why”—behind everything you do?

FREEDOM – I want to help every person find freedom and solutions in their health, wellness, community and vision through using wholistic products while being well informed of what they are allowing into their bodies and everyday environments. I wanted to take back my health, and I hope I can help others to do the same. I want to help people see that there are other options to find the solutions that they have been looking for all along in their everyday life and even in their future!

4. What is the biggest thing you’ve learned this starting your own business?

I have learned that the “what” of your career really doesn’t matter as much as the “who” you are becoming. When I was working full-time, I was personally trading a lot in order to meet a need in myself of external validation for my worth. From the outside looking in, I probably seemed to have it all together, but I was barely surviving. My resume never looked better, but my heart was so disconnected from my true identity outside of my performance. I have learned daily to regain a lifestyle of true joy and to surrender my old ways of thinking to God, who has been so faithful to me. Now, as a business owner and team leader to other entrepreneurs, I desire to model how important it is to stay positive and focused while we trust the process of growth. I have also learned that consistency is the key to building a brand of trust and to never say, “No” for anyone. Secretly, I think a “no” is really just a “not yet.”

5. If you were having coffee with another #GirlBoss, what would you encourage her with?

I would encourage you to not wait until you have it all figured out before you begin, but to JUST START. When we wait, we miss out on so many opportunities to reach people. The waiting can also allow the voice of fear and comparison talk us out of the vision we have for ourselves. Step into the confidence of where you have already been called. Do not allow insecurity to dictate your destiny. Your failures do not define you! Failure will be just a part of your story that will build character and help you to grow, but it is NOT the whole story. Find a community to fuel you and remind you who you are when you may be tempted to forget. Never pigeon hole your self into being just one thing for the rest of your life. Your gifts are too diverse and unique. If you are willing to get uncomfortable every once in awhile, you might be really surprised at just how open and endless the possibilities could be for how you can be used to make a difference. Lastly, the first step to all of it is believing that you are truly capable! Why can’t YOU be a #GirlBoss too?

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