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copy-of-copy-of-girlboss-storiesI’m so excited to introduce you to my friend & fellow #GirlBoss, Courtnie Wysong! Courtnie is Blogger, coffee lover, Fitness Trainer and Oils Educator. Grab your favorite cup of coffee & check out Courtnie’s #GirlBoss Story below…

1. Tell me a little about Courtnie—what are a few of your favorite things?

I’m a California girl to the max! I probably use dude, and stoked in every other sentence. I’m a lover of a good cup of coffee, Jesus, a stroll down the clearance aisle at target, and my sweet husband Tyler!

Most days you will find me leading fitness classes at my gym, meeting one on one with people to talk about changing their lifestyle through their diet or watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix!

The past couple years have been full of adventure, excitement, GROWTH, and very gypsy like for us and we are gearing up to go chase some more dreams in Nashville,TN!

img_21342. What inspired you to launch your own business this year?

I’ve always been in the business of helping people. It brings me so much joy to watch people transform their life and health from a physical aspect and experience breakthroughs they never thought were possible.

I felt seasons beginning to shift in mine and my husbands life in June of 2016 and I knew that I needed to make some changes in myself in order to become a person of more capacity.

I started blogging about lifestyle, health, and fitness and I loved it, but the thing I was so desperately searching for and longing to be apart of was community.

It was as if the heavens opened in that moment and a friend of mine that lives 3,000 miles away knew the solution to my problem and sent me a “love package” full of Young Living Essential Oils.

The first time I put them on I wanted to cry. Within a few minutes I just felt better. I was experiencing some challenging times and I just needed some support, and couldn’t believe how much they helped me in that moment.

I remember sitting out on our patio with my husband drinking a glass of wine and dreaming of our future and what we needed to do to get there. I told him that I wholeheartedly wanted to start my own Essential Oils business, be my own boss, and have the freedom that all of that could offer for us.

Never in a million years would I dream that I could be doing this. I had no idea the community, joy, and freedom it would bring to me as I continued to dive in further and further!

Now I’m building this Young Living Essential Oils Tribe of mine and I get to empower and lead some incredible women on my team and that is truly such a gift to see happen and to see how it has all been orchestrated into place.

3. What is your mission—the “why”—behind everything you do?

My WHY is community and helping people see their value in self care, and the care for their families and homes.

Community is something my life had been lacking. My BFF was my bed and hours and hours of Netflix. I was craving community and I was so pleasantly surprised to meet such incredible women who would change my life forever and add so much value to me that I couldn’t see in myself.

Self care and care for families and homes was something that so naturally fit in my life simply from my health, wellness, and fitness background. I wanted other people to experience the wholeness that came from caring for your self first and then your family and home.

fullsizerender-134. What is the biggest thing you’ve learned starting your own business?

I have learned that it’s a lot of work! 😉 But it’s the kind of work where you wake up and feel excited to get started!

I’ve learned that having a team of people and a community to walk along side you and encourage you is crucial to success. I’ve learned a lot about myself. Taking care of myself is important so I can best care for my team. You can’t pour from an empty cup so I’ve learned that personal development is something that truly helps me continue to grow and develop myself.

5. If you were having coffee with another #GirlBoss, what would you encourage her with?

I would grab her hands and tell her to rid any automatic negative thoughts that come in her mind by talking back to them!

It’s something I’m sure quite a few entrepreneurs/girl bosses struggle with. If you can take a step back, and ask yourself what is the source of that negative thought, and what is the truth that can come out of it, by doing that you will automatically combat your fears.

Most the time growth and change is painful, but if you can lean into the moments that feel tough and uncomfortable you will surely come out shining!! Get it girl!!

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