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copy-of-girlboss-stories-2This year, while waiting in the sub line at Publix, I met a #GirlBoss who would quickly become a friend and fellow warrior on this journey of becoming who God made us to be. Brittany launched her own business, Brittany Bishop Photography, this year and is the definition of a #GirlBoss. Brittany was also recently named the Ocala Star Banner Readers Choice Awards Best Photographer! Check out Brittany’s #GirlBoss Story below…

1. Tell me a little about Brittany—what are a few of your favorite things?
Doing really anything with my husband (/best friend), playing with my beagle pup Copper, hanging out with old and new friends over coffee, traveling, the city of Chicago, connecting with other young professionals, and being involved in my community.


2. What inspired you to launch your own business this year?
Well, I had always thought that being a photographer would be a dream job. But it stayed as just a passing thought because I didn’t really think it was attainable. I have always had an interest in photography and it became a hobby for a while. Then I found myself in a place where I had the opportunity to make a big change in my life, specifically in career, and thought it was the perfect time to try this. I know I couldn’t have done it without the support of my amazing husband and sister!


3. What is your mission—the “why”—behind everything you do at Brittany Bishop Photography?fullsizerender
To me, photos aren’t just images- they are memories. When I look at a photo that I am in, I don’t just
see the people in it, but I am also able to remember specific details about that time in my life. I am so glad I grew up in a family that valued photos because now I have so much I can look back on about my childhood and all the people in my life. I consider that a gift and I want to give that gift to others. One of my sessions this summer really summed up my “why”. It was an extended family session, with relatives of all generations in town from different states. They were all coming together because their grandfather had been diagnosed with Dementia and was about to have to sell his house.  They wanted to all come down to be with him and all be together, and opted to have some photos taken. Being able to give this grandfather these photos- tangible memories he can have forever, especially when some days he may not be able to recall times with his family- was priceless to me.


img_67624. What is the biggest thing you’ve learned starting your own business?
I think starting my own business has kind of forced me to become better at saying “no” …a difficult task for a people pleaser! I quickly learned that small business owners have to wear 17 hats, so I had to really work at prioritizing my life. This meant I couldn’t say yes to everything, whether it was a social event, or even a type of project/job that didn’t reflect the type of work I want to do. This also isn’t a 9-5 job by any means, which also meant I had to learn (and am still learning) when to stop working… Because when you work at home (and love what you do) it can easily turn into midnight still on your laptop. Most people probably don’t realize that the actual taking photos part of this business is only about 20% of my time. But I absolutely love pouring everything I have into this business and wouldn’t trade all the work for anything! It is amazing to finally be doing something I love. I’d also add “Success isn’t for the chosen few, it’s for those who choose.”


5. If you were having coffee with another #GirlBoss, what would you encourage her with?
No matter where this girl was in her journey- wanting to make a change, just starting out, or a GirlBoss “veteran”, I would encourage her to remind herself of the kind of life she wants to live, and to always pursue that. I believe that everyone can get closer each day to the life they want, if they just have the courage to try and to pursue it.  I would also tell her to make time to pause every now and then to look back on how far she’s come and how God has shown up in her life.


Connect with Brittany on her website, Facebook, and Instagram!
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